Utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in radiation treatments for cancer is supported by extensive research and offers multiple benefits:

Mitigating Effects of Radiation-Induced Damage: Approximately 5% of patients undergoing radiation therapy for cancer experience significant delayed toxic effects. HBOT has long been a preferred approach for these issues. Its primary function is to counteract the effects of low oxygen levels in tumor regions, which are typically more radiation-resistant. By increasing oxygen saturation in these tissues, HBOT is believed to amplify the success of radiation treatments. Research has shown that HBOT, when applied at levels exceeding two absolute atmospheres (ATA), effectively reduces radiation’s delayed effects in areas such as the head, neck, bones, prostate, and bladder. Additionally, it has been effective in preventing osteoradionecrosis following dental procedures in radiated areas and in enhancing the impact of radiation therapy on head and neck tumors, particularly in controlling advanced gliomas.

Enhancing Tumor Control and Reducing Mortality: HBOT has been documented to lower mortality rates associated with head and neck cancers, both one year and five years after undergoing therapy. It has also been significant in improving early-stage tumor control, thereby reducing the chances of recurrence in the initial years after treatment for specific cancer types. Despite these advantages, HBOT is not without its risks, including the potential for radiation-induced severe tissue damage and an increased risk of seizures during treatment. Studies suggest that HBOT improves outcomes for head and neck cancers and decreases tumor recurrence in these uterine cervix areas. However, its effectiveness can vary based on the specific radiation dosing and timing, necessitating careful consideration of its potential side effects.

Addressing Late-Stage Radiation Tissue Damage: Further research into HBOT has centered on its effectiveness in treating late-stage side effects of radiation, particularly in cases where previous interventions have failed. The therapy has been found to be beneficial in reducing primary symptoms, especially in bone and bladder regions. Its efficacy in treating complications in salivary glands, neural areas, the larynx, and upper gastrointestinal parts is more limited. These findings suggest that HBOT is a reliable and safe approach, offering sustained relief in managing radiation-induced osteoradionecrosis and other radiation injuries. However, its effectiveness varies depending on the tissue type involved.

To summarize, HBOT is a crucial element in radiation treatment for cancer, valued for its ability to improve the effectiveness of radiation, especially in tumors with low oxygen levels, and in treating late-stage radiation injuries. It has been shown to be effective in reducing mortality and improving tumor control in certain types of cancers. However, careful consideration is needed when applying HBOT due to the possibility of adverse effects and variable efficacy depending on the cancer type and the specific tissues affected.

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