As previously mentioned, HBOT is a completely safe, noninvasive, and painless procedure. The most common side effect is slight pressure in the ears during the compression and decompression of the chamber, much like in an airplane during takeoff and landing. Usually, this sensation subsides or altogether dissipates once the chamber reaches optimal pressure.

Before you begin your Hyperbaric oxygen therapy session, there are a few necessary and simple preparations. We have outlined them for you below. Read on to find out more.

Speak With Your Healthcare Provider

HBOT can be used to treat or improve any condition that benefits from making available extra oxygen to the body’s tissues or the brain. If your healthcare provider recommends HBOT, he/she may give you a referral to our facility. You may also contact your health insurance company to determine whether your condition might qualify you for coverage for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. There are currently 13 diagnoses that are covered by most insurance providers.

Food And Drink

Unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare provider, you should eat a light and nutritious meal 1-2 hours prior to HBOT treatment. Stay away from caffeine, alcohol, and carbonated beverages.

No Smoking

For best results tobacco products and smoking should be avoided during the weeks of your treatment. If at all possible, avoid tobacco products and smoking, since they can counteract the benefits of HBOT by limiting the amount of oxygen that reaches the tissues. At the very least, do not smoke for two hours before and after HBOT treatment.


If possible, please wear 100% cotton comfortable clothing to your treatment. We will also provide cotton garments and shoe covers if you so require.

Do Not Bring

Synthetic clothing, hair pieces, cellphones, ointments, battery-powered devices such as hearing aids and watches, and other personal items are not allowed into the chamber.


Please note that hyperbaric oxygen therapy may change the effects of some medications. Therefore, your primary doctor may need to make some adjustments.

Please make sure the hyperbaric doctor knows ahead of time what prescription and over the counter drugs you are taking. If you need to take any medications during treatment, please inform us as well so that you may take them as needed.

Ear Pressure

As previously mentioned, ear pressure can occur. For best results, you should prepare your ears before treatment. Clean your ears thoroughly to ensure that your ears are clear of excessive wax. If you’ve had any issues pertaining to your ears, including an ear infection, water in your ears, ear surgery, a sinus infection, etc, please discuss with your primary doctor prior to treatment and also inform our knowledgeable team.