We all know that sometimes beauty can come at a high cost, and plastic surgery recovery can be a lengthy and painful process. Fortunately, by combining your plastic surgery with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments, you can greatly expedite and ease your recovery process. We all need oxygen to heal properly. By exposing your body to 100% pure oxygen under pressure, you are exposing the treated areas with at least 10–15 times the normal supply of oxygen, which accelerates the natural healing process by roughly 75%.

More and more doctors are recommending HBOT in conjunction with plastic surgery treatments. That’s no surprise because HBOT increases collagen production and delivers oxygen to wounded tissues, which are otherwise oxygen-starved due to swelling and bruising. The results can be truly dramatic! HBOT can significantly reduce post-surgical swelling, bruising, inflammation, minimize the appearance of scars, and greatly reduce pain, minimizing the need for painkillers.

In some cases, HBOT treatment can even relieve your symptoms after surgery altogether. The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients undergoing cosmetic surgery are innumerable. If you are seeking preoperative or postoperative treatment, please contact us today.