Following a concussion, patients typically get better within a few weeks, but for many the problems associated with the injury can linger for months or years after. This phenomenon is known as the post-concussion syndrome. It can occur after sports-related concussions and head injuries caused by traffic accidents. Many of these patients find themselves experiencing depression, cognitive problems, headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms. This phenomenon is often difficult to treat, since pain relieving medications, antidepressants, and even physical therapy don’t heal the injury in the brain. HBOT therapy is showing great promise in treating Post-Concussion Syndrome at the core, by delivering the much needed 100% oxygen to the brain.

How does HBOT help with Post-Concussion Syndrome?

The trauma to the brain can damage the blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygen. While In a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, patients breathe in pure oxygen, typically pressurized to about twice the density of sea-level air. In this environment, the lungs take in about 10 times as much oxygen. Hyperbaric therapy can return the injured brain cells to full function, even years after the injury.

What symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome does HBOT improve?

HBOT can help with the headaches, fatigue, depression, and other symptoms associated with Post-Concussion Syndrome. HBOT can make a major impact on bringing back your cognitive and emotional health and well-being.