Lyme bacteria can invade the brain and wreak all kinds of havoc. One can suffer from short-term memory loss, difficulty focusing and concentrating, anxiety, depression, etc. As with most bacteria, the ones that cause Lyme disease are unable to survive in oxygen-rich environments. Therefore, the high levels of oxygen delivered to a patient in an oxygen chamber cause the bacteria to die. While the bacteria may develop resistance to traditional antibiotics, they cannot thrive in high levels of oxygen. Additionally, the high concentrations of oxygen help to treat the symptoms and conditions of Lyme Disease that often remain constant after test results show no more infection.

What symptoms and conditions of Lyme Disease can HBOT treat?

HBOT treatments work to greatly reduce the levels of inflammation in the body.  HBOT helps to grow and establish new blood vessels to allow oxygen-rich blood to reach inflamed tissues. It helps stimulate brain function and restore cognitive abilities. Most patients recover most, if not all, memory and functional thinking. It can greatly improve the symptoms of mental confusion, pain, depression, and fatigue. HBOT treatments may also improve the effectiveness of certain antibiotics. The oxygen-rich environment not only kills the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, but also treats the symptoms and conditions of Lyme Disease that tend to linger even when the infection is gone.

Can HBOT completely cure a patient of Lyme Disease?

Yes. Regular and continuous HBOT treatments kill the spirochetes that cause the disease. HBOT also heals the damage done by the bacteria. Approximately 70% of patients show a lasting benefit, especially when HBOT is used as adjunct therapy alongside traditional medical treatments. We’ve seen a great quality of life improvement—and in many cases a complete resolution of symptoms—following HBOT treatment.