The administration of 100 percent oxygen at increased pressure floods the brain with oxygen, increasing blood flow and stimulating brain cell growth. For these reasons, HBOT may be effective for children and adults with cerebral palsy. While not all patients see an improvement in their symptoms, many experience a reduction in muscle spasticity, improved muscle control, improvements in vision, hearing, cognitive abilities, and speech. Parents of children who had undergone treatment noted a significant increase in balance, attention, comprehension, and visual perception.

Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy safe for kids?

As long as your child is old enough to sit or lay calmly in the clear HBOT chamber, it’s safe to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy. At our facility we develop comprehensive, personalized treatment plans based on years of research, experience, and the needs of our patients.

Does HBOT cure cerebral palsy?

More and more studies are published demonstrating improvement in the quality of life for patients suffering from cerebral palsy. Although HBOT does not permanently cure cerebral palsy, many patients show improvement in movement and a reduction in muscle spasticity following treatments.