Studies show that people with ADD/ADHD have reduced cerebral blood flow, which is further escalated by environmental toxins. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps to increase blood flow to the brain, flushing out those toxins and helping cells and tissues heal. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases oxygen to the brain and enhances cognitive functioning. Brain scans have shown that there was a significant increase in brain function in patients who have undergone HBOT. Early diagnosis of AD will enable treatment when irreversible damage is still minimal, thereby maximizing the effect of HBOT.

Is HBOT more effective than medications for ADD/ADHD?

Medications have harmful side effects and only work to address the symptoms of the illness. HBOT treatments target the root cause of ADD/ADHD. ADHD has been linked to oxygen deprivation and reduced regional cerebral blood flow. The 100% oxygen under pressure flushes out those toxins. helping cells and tissues heal and regenerate from their harmful effects. HBOT will increase the availability of oxygen to the brain and enhance cognitive functioning.

What improvements in ADD/ADHD symptoms are seen following HBOT treatments?

After just a few treatments, children and adults alike, state that they feel more able to focus, communicate clearly, and are more at peace overall. Parents attest that following HBOT treatments, their children are generally calmer, sleep better, and have better bowel movements.

How will I feel after HBOT treatment?

Most patients feel energized and revitalized after a Hyperbaric Oxygen session. Another positive side effect of the treatment is beautiful glowing skin. HBOT is a holistic, non-invasive and systemic healing system. Our bodies depend on oxygen for survival, so Hyperbaric Oxygen effectively creates an environment within our tissues and cells that is more conducive to healing. Any possible side effects are rare, but can include lightheadedness or fatigue.